Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes.

Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes.

I get a lot of people saying things to me like, “You are so creative, I don’t have a creative bone in my body,” “I earned my F in art class,” and “I wish I was an artist.”  Everyone has a little artist hiding in there somewhere, you just have to coax him out of the hole that everyday life has pushed him in to.  Art and creativity have to become higher on your priority list if you want it, just like everything in life.

I’ve become so proud of my younger brother lately, who is finding his creativity, and about to graduate with a Bachelors in Cinematography from Full Sail University.  Someday he wants to be a director of cinematography, and he is well on his way to it. By the way John, I am so glad you decided to go this direction instead of football star – a difficult career choice at 120 lbs soaking wet!

John recently worked on the set of a music video, gaining experience and connections in his field (so important in any field, really, but especially in the film industry).  Check out the video here.

Now, in his final months of being a student, he is out on his own venture creating a music video for a local band from our hometown.  Chelsea Karr (Dirt Road Photography) caught this shot to the left of John rigging a GoPro to one of the band members before the shoot.

Anyway, after the long way around, my point to this post is to support each other in ventures of creativity.  It’s there, we just have to find it.  Talk about it.  Practice it.  I give everyone an “A” in my art room, so if you are feeling not-so-creative today, I’m sure I can find a way to fix it.  Just ask!

Latest Project, shiny and new!

I’m excited to share that my latest freelance project has been officially launched!  Check out Marsha at Events by 7 in Orlando and her shiny new website at

Per all the furloughs and uncertainty going on in the world right now, I am taking on more freelance projects in my ‘free time’. Please refer me to anyone you might know in need of graphic and web design services.  I would be happy to help them out.


Modern Graphic Design

Modern Graphic Design

Working on a project this week, the question came into my mind – What is ‘modern’ graphic design, really?  Such a wide range of techniques and styles are acceptable in the world right now – when you are told to give something a modern look, where do you start?

The default setting in my brain sent me into research mode, and I found a few things I thought were interesting. serves up a list of 20 design trends from 2012 said to be both popular and timeless.  My observations of these include many bold, often bright colors.  Clean lines, minimal patterns and more abstract layouts than you might be used to. predicts things we will see more of in 2013 are large, professional photographs, infographics, white space and strong typography.  Seems to me that some things just never fade – and others make a come back every now and then whether we like it or not (like parachute pants… who’s idea was THAT?).

So who is to say what ‘modern’ graphic design is (or is not)?  It will be different in the mind of every person observing it – one of the joys and pitfalls of having our own opinions.  Someone else’s opinion makes my design modern (or not), and exactly what they were looking for (or not).

Take a look at my ‘modern’ graphic design interpretation in Day 50 of my 365 Project.  Happy Thursday everyone!

365 Projects

365 Projects

It’s easy to get burnt out in the design field. All day long we create according to someone else’s standards, expectations and even taste. I was recently inspired by an article I read by GoMediazine on Hannes Beer’s All Day Everyday project. Check it out here.

It’s all about getting back to the reason you got into graphic design to begin with – it’s fun, it’s creative, colorful, inspiring and had endless boundaries. It’s about creating a design, everyday, just for you. Whether it’s to learn a new skill, polish up a rusty one, or just getting out that idea you’ve been holding on to. You can spend an hour on it, or the whole day – you can sketch it, draft it, or design on the fly. Whatever works for you, right then, everyday.

So I’m doing it – actually both Arlo and I are doing it. For ourselves. It’s been a point of conversation and a challenge to each other. It’s been fun, and different, and harder than I thought! We are 14 days in… I’ll share projects along the way. I’m thinking about making a postcard series out of the ones that turn out the best. We’ll just have to wait and see if that inspires me when we get to it!

Photo of a starfish.

Day 18 of 365.

Colorful flowers.

Day 28 of 365.


Day 4 of 365.

Day 24 of 365.

Day 24 of 365.

Day 35 of 365.

Day 35 of 365.



in·spi·ra·tion always gives me more information than you would tend to want on a particular word. In the case of ‘inspiration’, the fifth definition (with a sub-category of Theology), is defined as a divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul.

It’s most interesting to me where people get inspiration from. Some just wake up with it in the morning. Others need to go for a walk or dig through stacks of photos. For me it tends to come in the most inconvenient moments.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is simply to say I was inspired today. Art is happening again in my house and it makes me happy. I’m working on my entry to the “Miniatures” exhibit this year. Next I’ll work on my strategy to actually get in to the show. Wish me luck!