Working on a project this week, the question came into my mind – What is ‘modern’ graphic design, really?  Such a wide range of techniques and styles are acceptable in the world right now – when you are told to give something a modern look, where do you start?

The default setting in my brain sent me into research mode, and I found a few things I thought were interesting. serves up a list of 20 design trends from 2012 said to be both popular and timeless.  My observations of these include many bold, often bright colors.  Clean lines, minimal patterns and more abstract layouts than you might be used to. predicts things we will see more of in 2013 are large, professional photographs, infographics, white space and strong typography.  Seems to me that some things just never fade – and others make a come back every now and then whether we like it or not (like parachute pants… who’s idea was THAT?).

So who is to say what ‘modern’ graphic design is (or is not)?  It will be different in the mind of every person observing it – one of the joys and pitfalls of having our own opinions.  Someone else’s opinion makes my design modern (or not), and exactly what they were looking for (or not).

Take a look at my ‘modern’ graphic design interpretation in Day 50 of my 365 Project.  Happy Thursday everyone!