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For those asking to see the Miniatures contestants, here they are! I took them both to work for opinions on which to submit. I just couldn’t decide. It was interesting to see the votes that were cast – the more analytical people of the division (writers, editors, management…) leaned more in the direction of the red and purple iteration, whereas the more creative people (graphic designers, animators, illustrators…) choose the blue and yellow iteration.

It was also interesting to hear the interpretations of what each was – the most popular comment was that they red and purple with more organic lines looked like a human heart. Actually it is based on a photograph of a Sunflower that I took while living in Germany. This little experiment of mine lead me to the title I choose for the blue and yellow iteration (which is the piece I decided to turn in), called “Not what you think.” The other is now sitting proudly in our living room.

Abstract watercolor and glue painting.

Not What You Think

Abstract watercolor and glue painting.

Untitled Watercolor